Sunday, March 13, 2011

High and Tight!

For those that aren't familiar with our family my husband is in the Army National Guard.  To some that is "just" the National Guard but for us ever since he has joined the military it's been a pretty big part of our life.  So I don't take it lightly when people make remarks down playing just what the National Guard is.  But all of that aside my reason for this post is haircuts.  My son Chris has always really liked haircuts.  He got his first haircut when he was 18 months old and didn't even flinch.  He literally sat there without even blinking and was a very serious little man about what he was doing.  Here are some before and after shots of his first haircut.

So fast forward to age 4 almost 5.  He did really great getting haircuts and would ask for them the minute it got long.  Since his dad gets his haircut every 2 weeks he always wanted to get his cut as well.  He wanted to have a high and tight just like daddy.  So Nic gets deployed and is down in MOB and I am faced with taking all 3 kids to the BX (for those that don't know that's the shopping center/barber shop/food court/etc on the Air Force Base) and I tell this lady while I am holding a screaming Sophia, and talking a tenacious Kaitlyn out of a temper tantrum that Chris needed a high and tight and that we do a no guard (meaning skin on the side) and fade it to the top.  This lady goes to cut his hair and as I look away and look back I am shocked to see she took the no-guard straight down the center of his head. 
That was the end result of what should have been a high and tight.  He was absolutely crushed.  Ever since then he has refused to get his haircut.  It's a battle to get him to finally let anyone cut his hair.  So today Nic took him to get his haircut and of course he comes home without a haircut.  Apparently the lady that butchered his do the last time was working according to Chris.  For those wondering what his hair should have looked like, here is a picture of what it normally does, of course that's when he gets it cut regularly.  
So, after all of my ramblings... I am long winded today.  Boredom I tell ya.  I am wondering, how do I encourage my son to get his haircut again?  We have tried to go to other places.  We have let him pick who and where he wants to go to.  And he'll go once and then will refuse for endless amounts of time.  He looks like such a handsome boy when his hair is freshly cut and I love it but I hate to torture him all in the name of a haircut. 

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