Sunday, March 13, 2011

What a crappy weekend!

I have spent the entire weekend sick.  I don't usually get too upset by being sick.  We all get colds and such but I've had a fever since Thursday and it's just going away.  Of course I start to feel like a first time mom and freak out at the idea that this could be hurting the baby.  So after a call to the OB, a trip to the ER to get checked out and make sure there was no underlying infection I got home last night at midnight.  I was told it's just a bad virus and will have to go through it's course.  In the meantime I still worry about having a fever or 101 or 102 with no real relief in sight.  Is it spring yet??!!  This seems to have been hands down the worst winter I can remember as far as illnesses go for everyone.  Our household alone has had 4 stomach bugs make it's way through the kids, endless amounts of colds, 6 cases of strep throat, 3 ear infections, Influenza A and I am sure I am missing some.  Come on mother nature, work with me here!  It's time to get the kids outside to play, the windows open so the germs can leave and overall the nice weather so there is less of this crud going around!

That's about all that is going on here.  I am the worst sick person known to man.  I was told to take it easy but I can't help but see 101 things that need done.  Homework, laundry, dishes, scrubbing the floors, vacuuming, etc, etc, etc...

So here I am "resting".  The only way I can stand to sit down and not do anything is if I am on the computer aimlessly looking for things.  I tend to shop though, so that's a little dangerous.  I'm not allowing myself to buy anything else.  I have bought so much for the baby and we haven't even hit the 2nd trimester.  And I've bought a lot for the others in the family as well.  Time to reign in the spending and figure out how to be frugal.  Ha.

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